Our story

The Idea of producing the Document Defender started over a discussion with a friend about the importance of keeping documents safe.

We think of important documents, we have in mind doments that are both personal or job-related and we all know how important it is that you keep them within reach and at the same time to sleep well knowing that they are secured. Looking at the market, we noticed that – at the time being – proposed solutions have some flaws : itchy materials which need special gloves to handle, small sizes not suitable for official issued documents, plastic zipper instead of metallic zipper, flimsy closures that let fire creep in, outdated materials proposed as premium.

So, we designed this bag with the desire to bring the best solution on the market : lightweight and foldable (can be folded in a safe box easily), sewed with double fire retardant thread, from best material money can buy: silicone coated fiber glass doubled by aluminum closure, top-notch heavy-duty metallic zipper as a distinctive feature and generous size so you can fit all types of documents that your heart desires. Also, the material is designed to be water repellant – not 100% waterproof, but water resistant – which can make the difference in extreme situations.

In the end, we can say in the end that we are 100% satisfied with our version of safety for all kind of documents and valuables and hope that our customers will also appreciate our product and consider it the best solutions the market can provide in this area.

At the end of the day we hope that we bring not only a storage solution to the table, but also peace of mind to our customers and this was our goal from the beginning.